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Condoleezza Rice smarter, more honest, more logical than Lawrence O’Donnell

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But who isn’t? Also better-looking, although that doesn’t directly relate to what follows. Bear witness as Scary Larry mewls helplessly at his instructor about what really happened in Iraq:

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O’Donnell certainly has the MSNBC interview technique down cold: “Now that you’ve caught me out on my false assertions and proven me wrong yet again, let me pretend I didn’t hear you and move right along to the next leftist article of faith.” For O’Donnell’s sake, presumably, MSNBC’s tech guys CGI’ed out the rolled-up newspaper Condi used to smack him on the nose every time he crapped the rug.

Putting aside one’s views on Iraq, what are we to make of The Whitest Guy Who Ever Lived haranguing a strong, accomplished black woman like this? “Lean Forward… to grab your Klan hood.” How do you answer the charge that you are a racist, Mr. Lawrence O’Donnell?

And a follow-up question: Why are you lying?

(Hat tip: Newsbusters, which has the full, delicious transcript)

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