Washington Post managing editor claims objectivity, tweets bias

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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The Washington Post’s managing editor, Raju Narisetti, opened his Twitter account on Monday morning with an anti-Defense Department, pro-Education Department tweet.

“Thought encounter of the day: ‘Would be good if our schools are fully funded and DoD has to hold a bake sale to buy its next fighter jet,’” Narisetti tweeted.

The Post newsroom boss absolves any comments he makes that would question his self-proclaimed objectivity by issuing a disclaimer at the top of his Twitter account, in which he describes himself as “Managing Editor, The Washington Post.”

“Any perceived opinions are accidental and links are not endorsements,” Narisetti describes himself as in his Twitter account. “I am never speaking for The Post.”

Neither Narisetti nor Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton responded to The Daily Caller’s requests for comment.