Businessman Roger Williams ‘welcomes’ Obama to Texas

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Who said hospitality is dead? In “welcoming” President Obama to Texas on Tuesday, U.S. Senate candidate Roger Williams launched a new website called “The Obama Economy” — and released a scorching new web video asking the question: “Are we going to go down a path of socialism or one of capitalism?”

Williams, a successful car dealer and former Texas Secretary of State, is running in a crowded GOP primary field. His message, though, is incredibly clear: “I’ve owned my own business for forty years — I’m the only candidate that owns a business in this race,” he said during a Tuesday morning phone call. Williams believes his business experience makes him “uniquely qualified” to take on Obama’s economic policies. “I’ve had to lay people off for the first time in my career,” he said, lamenting the current economic landscape.

“Every time I sign a health care check — every time I sign an electrical check — I think of Obama.”

Matt K. Lewis