NRCC mocks Dem, drops ‘F bomb’

Jonathan Strong Contributor

First Donald Trump, now the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)?

A press release from the NRCC sent Monday carries the subject line: “Blast From The Past: Failed Dem Titus Still F***ed.”

It’s a reference to a famous behind-the-scenes moment, reported by Politico, in which Nevada Democrat Dina Titus said her party would be “f***ed” if it didn’t heed the results of the Massachusetts Senate race that Scott Brown won and drop Obamacare.

As the NRCC puts it, Titus was right with her “Nostradamus-like prophecy.” She lost her seat in November along with dozens of other Democrats.

Now Titus is thinking about running again, but the NRCC says she’s still “f***ed.”

“Dina Titus voted for the $800 billion failed stimulus bill and a $1 trillion government takeover of healthcare against the wishes of her constituents. If Titus thinks her job-killing voting record with Nancy Pelosi will be easily forgotten in Nevada, she’s delusional,” said spokesman Tyler Q. Houlton.