Rachel McAdams: I wasn’t the best person for ‘Morning Glory’ role

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Though she received fairly positive reviews for her part in last year’s romantic comedy, “Morning Glory,” actress Rachel McAdams thinks she wasn’t the right person for the role.

In an interview with Elle magazine, the Canadian said, “Sometimes I don’t think I’m the best person for the job. That was the case with ‘Morning Glory.’ Sometimes I think, Really? You see me as this?”

The film, a box office disappointment that earned mixed reviews, follows McAdams’s character Becky, a perky television producer who starts a new position at a struggling New York network. Though the channel can’t seem to get their ratings up, Becky is determined to save it.

On being hesitant to accept certain acting jobs, McAdams continued, “Just because I don’t see myself that way, does that mean I shouldn’t do it? I tend to go, Is this the right decision? What are the ramifications of doing this part? You can start to overanalyze.”

Though she expressed uncertainty about her delivery, many critics raved about McAdams’s performance.

“‘Morning Glory’ could have been routine. It’s Rachel McAdams’ life force that illuminates it,” wrote Roger Ebert. “She positions herself barely on the right side of manic. She’s always on, always optimistic, always hoping. She loves her work. There’s a scene where she runs from NBC at Rockefeller Center across town to her network, ‘IBS,’ and she does it like a hungry colt. She makes Becky impulsive, determined, frisky, and, yes, cute. She grinds away at Harrison Ford’s stone face and carves a smile out of it.”

Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times was also in favor of McAdams, having written, “In ‘Morning Glory,’ Rachel McAdams gives the kind of performance we go to the movies for. The rest of the film isn’t always up to her level, but it does provide genial entertainment until it runs out of steam.”

Movieline wrote that McAdams “[k]eeps ‘Morning Glory’ alive and awake,” adding, “[b]ut when that movie has a star like Rachel McAdams, all bets are off: Largely thanks to her, Morning Glory is breezy and enjoyable, and though its story is a bit unfocused.”

Laura Donovan