The viral ad campaign season of 2012 officially kicks off

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Meet Dan Adler. He is running for Congress in California. He has been in the entertainment industry and even employs actor Sean Ashton (“Sam” in Lord of the Rings and “Rudy,” in Self-Titled) as his campaign manager. But most importantly, Dan Adler is a man that “gets shit done.”

At least, that’s the message from what appears to be Adler’s son in one (of several) amusing video promoting the “new media pioneer’s” run for office. As several boys boast of their dads’ awesomeness on the basketball court, one confidently notes that “my dad gets shit done” before stealing the ball, soaring across the court and proving that greatness is hereditary.


The Asian comment is not a slur! Viewers know the little Asian boy is half Jewish as well, because Adler’s other video makes a point of bringing up the candidate’s wife’s ethnicity and the need for the two minorities (Jews and Asians) to “stick together.” The video’s sympathetic William Luther Pierce vision of the future would be scary if not for the cheerful Adler’s repartee with the feisty Korean woman!

The midterm elections brought us Basil- Marceaux-Dot-Com and Demon Sheep, but if Adler’s new video is any indication, the Year of the YouTube Advertising that could very well end up being a decade.

Thought Tim Pawlenty had the electrifying Michael Bay-esque presidential video, he doesn’t come close to Adler’s take on the classic sports film, “Rudy.” With three videos already in the can, let’s hope Adler stays in the election for as long as possible — no matter his politics

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