Big names say they’ll back Mitch Daniels if he runs

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Mitch Daniels will have some big names in his corner if he decides to run for president.

CBS News reports that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker*, would all support him, as would Jeb Bush.

Daniels, who has said he will make a decision in the coming weeks, is seen by many as an alternative to what they feel is an underwhelming field of candidates.

But whether or not he runs depends partly on the feelings of his wife, Cheri, who last night gave the keynote speech at the Indiana Republican Party Spring Dinner. The speech was not political, but it introduced the somewhat unknown first lady to a wider audience and talk about what kind of first lady she has been, and could be should her husband takes the plunge.

Daniels said in her speech that “first lady” is “not a job description. You can do with it what you want to do.”

Former First Lady Laura Bush has reportedly called Mrs. Daniels to discuss just that. CBS reports that “First Lady Laura Bush has called Cheri Daniels personally to encourage her to support the effort and offer advice on how to define what her role on the campaign — and potentially in the White House — would be.”

*Note: Gov. Walker’s office emailed to say that this was not the case. “Governor Walker has spoken positively about Governor Daniels, but has not pledged his support to any candidate or potential candidate,” said Communications Director Chris Schrimpf.