Huckabee to make ‘major announcement’ on his Fox News show

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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A reliable source emails me this: “Huck will make a major announcement in the last 5 mins of his Fox show tomorrow night, Sat.”

This was corroborated by The Caucus, which writes:

On his radio show this morning, The Huckabee Report, he told listeners that “this weekend be sure to catch my Fox News television show. A very important announcement coming this Saturday.”

And ABC’s “The Note” advanced the story further, noting:

Adding to the intrigue, he advised his followers on Twitter Friday morning “to check my media schedule for today and the weekend.”

That schedule includes a series of Fox News appearances, including a spot on “Your World” with Neil Cavuto Friday afternoon, a segment on the “The O’Reilly Factor” in the evening and another on “Follow The Money” with Eric Bolling on the Fox Business Network.

Huckabee has been leading in several GOP polls and has come under pressure to make a decision. Who knows what to expect, but if Huckabee were to enter the race it could dramatically shake up the race.