On going rogue (a narcipost)…

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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While appearing on “Morning Joe” this am — where I bashed “RomneyCare”  — an MKL “hater” Tweeted this about me:

@Morningjoe Matt Lewis is a GOP zombie who only talks from scripted rhetoric very poor choice of pundits for your show no substance

Interestingly, criticism of me tends to fall into one of two categories: 1). I’m either not conservative enough (ironically, this is usually made when I’m not towing the party line), or 2). I am just a Republican “hack” delivering GOP talking points.

While I may well be a conservative ideologue, I am most certainly not merely a deliverer of GOP talking points. My goal is to provide principled commentary and analysis — often this angers GOP folks. And while I think it’s a mistake to respond to all such criticism, the fact that I have seen this meme repeated has inspired me to compile in one spot a few quick examples that ought to dispel this incorrect meme.

So here goes…

Was I spewing GOP talking points when I wrote this about Speaker John Bohener’s crying? How about when I questioned Rep. Paul Ryan’s not-so-impressive fiscal voting record? How about when I opposed the Arizona immigration law? Or when I sought to bring up the conservative case for mass transit??

(I could go on. But I won’t.)

Matt K. Lewis