Will the GOP Backtrack on Ryan?

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Dick Morris more or less predictsDunkirk-like backtrack vote on Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan to save the GOP House:

By making all but four of their members vote for the Medicare cuts in the Ryan budget, the House Republicans have set the stage for their own demise. The leadership, if it wishes to be known by that moniker in the future, must offer its members a chance to backtrack on that vote. Wisely, the budget negotiators have indicated that they will not put Medicare on the table in their talks with the White House and the Senate. But the House freshmen, if they wish to become sophomores, must demand that Speaker Boehner set a vote that permits them to undo their support for the Medicare portion of the Ryan budget.

P.S.: Already (as expected) worried Republicans are trying to counter the Dem Medicare assault by playing the rationing card. Fair game! Obama is highly vulnerable on the issue. They say the best defense is a good offense.  But it may not be better than a craven, humiliating reversal! (Voters tend to reward such reversals even if they are unprincipled–maybe especially if they are unprincipled. It shows them a politician knows who is boss.) … P.P.S.: If that happens, I promise not to say “told you so.” … Wait. No, I don’t. …

Mickey Kaus