CBS cans ‘$#*! My Dad Says’

Laura Donovan Contributor
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CBS’s comedy “$#*! My Dad Says,” which aired 18 episodes total, has been canceled, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Based off 30-year-old Justin Halpern’s Twitter page, which chronicles his unconventional father’s crude comments, the show features William Shatner as the politically incorrect, foul-mouthed dad and Jonathan Sadowski as his struggling blogger son. According to Nielsen, the program averaged 10.7 million viewers.

The program may be over, but Halpern’s Twitter account remains popular, boasting more than 2 million followers. Halpern, who moved back in with his dad after an abrupt break-up, began tweeting his father’s uninhibited remarks and quickly attracted a large audience. Halpern even got a book deal out of his Twitter feed, which is made up of his father’s quotes.

Halpern’s dad, who doesn’t apologize for swearing, has made comments to his son such as, “WENT through an awkward phase? What phase you think you’re in now? Ever seen yourself walk up stairs? It’s like a T-rex that sh*t himself.”

The “Sh*it my dad says” movement inspired a television series and millions, but Halpern’s father allegedly didn’t want to draw attention to himself or get famous off his own statements.

“He hates attention,” Justin said of his dad, who declined to do an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

“$#*! My Dad Says” premiered in September and received mixed ratings.

The New York Press described the sitcom as, “Whatever subversive edge there might have been in casting Shatner as a borderline misanthrope is lost in the weak writing…There’s nothing original about this Odd Couple-inspired offering, nor any performances that might elevate the belabored jokes.”