President Obama reaches out to Bieber to arrange meeting with 9/11 victim’s daughter

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Like billions of young girls, President Barack Obama has Bieber fever, at least according to a TMZ report and the 17-year-old pop sensation’s Twitter account.

TMZ reported on Friday that the White House reached out to singer Justin Bieber the same day the president met with 14-year-old Payton Wall, a Bieber fan whose dad died in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Wall, who shared her heartbreaking story with Obama in a 1,500 word essay, met with the president and previously tweeted about her tragedy to Bieber, hoping he too would be inspired to meet her. Upon seeing the movie “Never Say Never,” which tells Bieber’s life story and some of the obstacles he faced growing up, Wall contacted the pop artist via Twitter in February: “Hey! I have an awful life story and without your music I don’t know if I could have survived. Do you think I could send you a letter?”

Though he didn’t write back, Bieber himself hinted in a tweet on Thursday that he would see her. Linking to a story about Wall’s long-shot dream to meet him, Bieber tweeted, “I think you’re wrong. pretty sure President @BarackObama will keep this promise. #payitforward.”

According to the New York Post, Wall had previously resorted to the White House to get in touch with Bieber when he didn’t respond to her. TMZ reports that Bieber will “definitely” meet Wall when he returns to the United States and can make his way over to the East Coast, where she resides.