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Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Stacy Drake of the prominent pro-Sarah Palin blog “Conservatives4Palin” has a post up discussing my Michele Bachmann piece from yesterday.

Here are the key graphs:

I often hear or read conservatives comparing Michele Bachmann to Governor Palin, but I’ve never really understood the comparison. Sure, they’re both conservatives who happen to be female, but their records are remarkably different. In all honesty, I find it insulting to Governor Palin to be continually compared to a House Member, just beginning her third term. I mean no personal offense to Michele Bachmann, but Governor Palin has a wealth of accomplishments and a real record of reform. The congresswoman doesn’t. Bachmann may be a good spokesperson for the conservative movement, but the more the base learns about her actual record, the less likely she is to pick up a GOP nomination. At this point, she would only be helping the wing of the Republican Party that the base doesn’t want to see facing off with Obama in 2012. Perhaps Michele Bachmann should take a page out of the Mike Pence book of leadership, by spending her efforts running for Governor. That way, she can get some executive experience while adding real accomplishments to her record; things she can bring to the table in a possible future run for the White House.

It is true that actions speak louder than words. Governor Palin’s words are great, but her actions are what lead me to support and defend her. This nation is at a critical point in history. We must demand that our leaders have it in them to live up to their rhetoric. We are well past the point of accepting empty campaign slogans and red meat buzz words as a sufficient resume. We need proven, effective leadership, and nothing less.

(Emphasis mine.)

Read the whole thing.

(I look forward to hearing what Mark Levin has to say about this).

Matt K. Lewis