Laura Croft, a Navy SEAL? Maybe someday

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On May 3, two days after Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Special Forces, Stephen Colbert celebrated the terrorist’s assassination as only a true pop culture patriot could.

“I want to personally congratulate the guys who got ’er done: SEAL Team 6!” Colbert brayed, jabbing the air with his fingers for emphasis. “Their identities are classified, so I’m just gonna guess it’s Rambo, John McClane, Master Chief, the Batman, Vin Diesel, Lara Croft and, let’s say, Kung Fu Panda.”

A few quibbles: “The Batman” is a moniker usually uttered by the superhero’s enemies, not his allies. Most important, Lara Croft wouldn’t be allowed to participate. She is, after all, a woman.

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