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Leave Ronald McDonald alone

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Things can seem bleak these days — wars, unemployment, gas prices, food prices, the thriving career of Shia LaBeouf — but look on the bright side. We can’t have too many problems as a society if people have the luxury of worrying about a circus clown who sells hamburgers to children.


McDonald’s Corp. is standing by its clown.

The 48-year-old, red-haired mascot has come under fire from health-care professionals and consumer groups who, in recent days, have asked the fast-food chain to retire Ronald McDonald. But McDonald’s Chief Executive Officer Jim Skinner staunchly defended the clown at the company’s annual meeting on Thursday, saying, “Ronald McDonald is going nowhere.”

Shareholders seemed to agree, voting down a proposal to require the hamburger giant to tally the financial impact of defending its children’s meals. Just 6% of shareholders voted in favor of the resolution.

“Ronald McDonald is an ambassador for McDonald’s, and he is an ambassador for good,” Mr. Skinner said. “He does not advertise unhealthy food to children.”

And even if he does, so what? Everybody knows what McDonald’s is all about. If you don’t want your kids eating it, don’t take them there. If you don’t want other people’s kids eating it, move back to Nazi Germany.

Did you know Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald? Maybe I shouldn’t bring that up as I’m defending the guy…