Newt on immigration: Empower local boards to legalize

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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This latest comment by Newt Gingrich could cause some problems:

“…I’m looking seriously at the way the Selective Service Act used to work in the 1940s and World War II where a local Selective Service board who knew the local people made the decisions…because I think we are going to want to find some way to deal with the people who are here to distinguish between those who have no ties to the United States and therefore you can deport them at minimum human cost, and those who, in fact, may have earned the right to become legal, but not citizens.”

If Mayberry had been stricken by a wave of illegal immigration, I’m pretty sure Andy would have looked the other way when it came to deporting the hard-working family who wasn’t causing any problems (though Barney would have called INS). Could this work in the modern world?

I am sympathetic to Gingrich’s goals here, but it’s also fair to say this is much more appropriate for a college professor to opine about than for a serious presidential candidate to casually bring up. Even if a candidate were to propose such a controversial idea, he would want to do so after having perfectly parsed his words and vetted the idea.

I’m just not sure you’re allowed to think out loud like this and be a presidential candidate…

H/t Allah Pundit

Matt K. Lewis