Republican senator takes on the ‘Adult Baby’

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File this under a sentence you never thought you would read: Republican Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has petitioned the Social Security Administration, urging them to launch an investigation into the disability benefits provided to “the adult baby.”

As if the prospect of a 30 year-old, morbidly obese man rolling around in a crib wearing triple X diapers was not unfortunate enough, Coburn has discovered that the man, who ostensibly is able to work, finances much of his lifestyle with taxpayer money.

“Given that Mr. Thornton is able to determine what is appropriate attire and actions in public, drive himself to complete errands, design and custom-make baby furniture to support a 350-pound adult and run an Internet support group, it is possible that he has been improperly collecting disability benefits for a period of time,” Coburn wrote in a letter in a letter to the Social Security Administration’s Social Security Administration Inspector General Patrick P. O’Carroll Jr.

Meet the adult baby:


According to Coburn, Thornton and his “mother” (in actuality not related) Sandra Dias appear perfectly able to hold down a job. Both receive government benefits. Thornton builds his own baby furniture, associates as an adult with the outside world, and even runs his own website www.bedwettingabdl.com.

Thornton has not reacted well to Coburn’s inquiry. The Washington Times contacted the adult baby – who gained prominence due to a National Geographic episode of “Taboo” which featured him and his “condition”- he threatened to kill himself if he stops getting government money.

“You wanna test how damn serious I am about leaving this world, screw with my check that pays for this apartment and food,” he said. “Try it. See how serious I am. I don’t care. I have no problem killing myself. Take away the last thing keeping me here, and see what happens. Next time you see me on the news, it will be me in a body bag.”

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