‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’ still going strong: TheDC’s interview with author Jerome Corsi

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When a current event ostensibly destroys the entire premise of one’s book, most would expect the author to slink away. Jerome Corsi, the author of the recently released “Where’s the Birth Certificate?,” however, is far from concerned about the fact that Barack Obama produced his long-form birth certificate on April 27. Indeed, the book’s sales remain strong and, according to Corsi, Obama still has a lot of explaining to do.

The book attempts to demonstrate why Obama is not eligible to be president, primarily because, as Corsi still contends, President Obama was not born in America.

With Obama’s birth certificate release, however, some might say the point is moot. Not Corsi, who says the document is a forgery.

“I was called by my insiders, several of my informants in Hawaii about three weeks before it was released,” Corsi said, “and I was told the document had been forged and put into the log book and that we would be seeing it shortly and had it described to me in detail what had been forged. I knew what was on that document before it was made public.”

Despite the certificate’s release, Corsi’s book sales have not taken a blow, in fact his book is flying off the shelves. At the time of this publication, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” is ranked number 12 in overall book sales on Amazon and number 4 on Amazon’s nonfiction list.

“I mean it’s just increased our sales,” Corsi said of the post-certificate release sales.

Corsi added that his book was one of the impetuses which led Obama to release what he alleges is a fake certificate.

“I named the book, ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’” he said, explaining that his book’s title had a purpose. “It was part of the strategy. I wanted to force Obama to release something.”

Business mogul Donald Trump might have taken credit for Obama’s birth certificate release, but Corsi thinks that the threat of his book was the primary factor.

“I think Trump certainly helped to put the issue on the front burner but I’m not sure really what side Trump was on, I mean Trump dropped out awfully quick,” Corsi said. “I think if he was serious he would have done what I’ve done and said why don’t we have…examination of the original document.”

While many in the media have characterized Corsi’s argument as a conspiracy theory, Corsi believes the evidence for his claims are there and that to deny his contention is to ignore the proof.

“There are 125 exhibits in this book which are there documentary evidence to support the points I’m making,” he said.

To Corsi, the presumption that his ideas are merely part of an elaborate conspiracy theory is an insult.

“Clearly, I consider that to be an insulting question,” Corsi said, when asked if he believed in any conspiracy theories, “because you’ve couched what I’m arguing with a conspiracy theory…I don’t believe in the moon landing conspiracy theory. I don’t believe in Big Foot. I consider the entire line of questioning insulting. It’s inappropriate for you to characterize what I’m arguing as a conspiracy theory.”

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