Herman Cain’s releases web video of campaign announcement, channels Martin Luther King

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Images don’t lie, so according to Herman Cain’s new video, he’s more than just a wildcard presidential candidate — he’s also a big crowd-pleaser.

Coming off the Saturday rally in which he officially declared his intent to run for the Republican presidential nominee,  Cain blasted out a video recap of the event that showed a swelling crowd of supporters at his Atlanta, Ga., event.

The video certainly offers visual evidence that Cain, while sometimes slim on policy, is gaining momentum in the public eye. In a cut suit and sporting a mic headset, Cain appears before the crowd like a motivational speaker though his invocation of Martin Luther King Jr. also gives him the aura of a mega church pastor.

“The day after the election day, when we wake up and they declare the presidential results and Herman Cain is in the White House,” cheers to the crows,”we’ll all be able to say free at least, free at last, thank God of almighty, this nation is free at last, again!”

The video comes out the same day Cain received tepid comments from Republican stalwart Karl Rove.

“Everybody’s going to get excited about a great speech by Herman Cain,” Rove on FOX. “But at some point, he’s going to say — need to convince people that, ‘I’ve got something in my background that gives you confidence I can actually do these things I’m talking about.’”

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