Rove on Herman Cain: ‘Talk radio guy in Atlanta’ won’t be the next Huckabee

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Following the first GOP presidential debate in South Carolina earlier this month, a Frank Luntz focus group gave former Godfathers Pizza CEO and Atlanta, Ga. talk show host Herman Cain high marks. Although that was a singular event, some suggested that Cain could build momentum and become a viable candidate for the Republican nomination, especially as big names, like  former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, decide against a White House run.

On Monday morning’s “Fox & Friends,” Fox News contributor Karl Rove addressed some of the concerns Cain would have to confront in order to fill the void left by a Huckabee.

“Well except, first of all Huckabee had been governor for, what, 10 years and lieutenant governor for two years before,” Rove said. “Herman Cain – talk radio guy in Atlanta, former head of a national pizza chain, has a lot of excitement. But look, it’s not just your narrative on Obama. It’s not just your own personal narrative. It is what have you done in your life that gives us confidence that the vision you’re laying out is something that you can actually do?”

And according to Rove, Cain is going to need a breakout moment to click with voters.

“And so, that going to be — everybody’s going to get excited about a great speech by Herman Cain, but at some point, he’s going to say — need to convince people that, ‘I’ve got something in my background that gives you confidence I can actually do these things I’m talking about,'” Rove said.