Tinavictims, Leak Here!

Mickey Kaus Columnist

Time for Tinaleaks? Adweek‘s Lucia Moses doesn’t have the goods on Tina Brown’s management style … yet. But the comments section of Moses’ latest post has already become a venue for more substantial bitching from recently departed and non-departed Newsbeast insiders. (This particular comment is laundered through a third party):

If the Newsweek/DB had made a business case that this turmoil would
save it in the end, I think the organizaton would have held on to some
very talented staffers — on both the edit and business side. But that
case was not made, and overall ad pages are still down (see first link
below). In addition, whatever gains in site traffic the Beast has
achieved have not outweighed the losses from Newsweek, which had more
traffic than the Beast before the merger. (see second link).”

http://www.businessinsider.com… [**]

We know the Tina stories are out there! If you know one, why don’t you post it in the comments on Moses’ site?   I don’t trust Adweek’s Editorial Director Michael Wolff,*** but any venue will do. If Wolff starts screwing around with your comments, leak it to me. (Mickey@dailycaller.com).  … P.S.: Tobias Wolff (no relation, I think) shouldn’t turn his nose up at having his work appear on the Daily Beast site, though. It’s doomed, but it’s still a good hit–and probably much more respectable than Newsweek’s damaged print edition among East Coast writerly types. … P.P.S.: Is all the sniping about Tina just because she’s a woman? No.


**–A reader notes correctly that direct head-to-head traffic comparisons between Newsweek.com and Daily Beast are slippery because Newsweek paid for some traffic (by buying placement on big referring sites, if I remember right). Maybe Beast doesn’t pay. Maybe it does. I don’t know. But any comparison needs to take that factor into account.

***–It’s almost as if he has some personal gripe against Brown! But I suspect not. He’s got a gripe against almost everyone He has “a long history of making waves in media” to live up to. …