Axe and Wild Stone deodorant ads too sexy for India

Amanda Seitz Contributor
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Indian government officials aren’t as inspired by deodorant as the women in commercials willing to chase after sweaty men coating themselves in the body sprays.

In a statement released to BBC News, India’s information ministry said they have ordered television channels to take down several deodorant ads that it finds offensive.

The ministry said the “portrayal of women in these ads is overtly sexual.”

The ban will affect deodorant brands such as Axe and Wild Stone.

The ministry has received an increase in complaints about men’s deodorant ads over the last two years, according to the Advertising Standards Council of India.

Officials have called one particular ad, in which a woman begins to strip down after catching a whiff of an Indian hunk wearing a scented body spray, to be taken down.

The statement said women in the deodorant ads are, “lustily hankering after men under the influence of such deodorants.”

Watch an American version of Axe’s advertisement:

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Amanda Seitz