Kurtz: The Mind of the Hack!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Insights into the Mind of the Hack: On Twitter, Howard Kurtz of TinaBeast actually cites the MSM’s coverage of the John Edwards scandal as an example of not cutting a Democratic pol some slack:

Those who say media give Dems benefit of doubt with sex scandals: Uh, Edwards, Spitzer, Clinton, McGreevey, etc. etc.?

Hello? … P.S.: Kurtz himself, back when he was at the Washington Post laboring under the worst conflict of interest in journalism, had enough sense to note that the MSM “steered clear” of the Edwards story and only “tried halfheartedly to confirm the tawdry tale” while “they ignored it in public.” He blamed sympathy for Elizabeth, not politics.** But whatever the reason, it’s hardly an example of not giving a Dem the benefit of the doubt. That today’s Kurtz could convince himself otherwise, even momentarily, even on Twitter, says something about the MSM’s reflexive powers of self-justification. … P.P.S.: Of course, keep rockin‘ …

**–Blaming sympathy for Elizabeth, which was a big factor, provokes the obvious question: Would the MSM have had such deep and abiding compassion for Elizabeth, and been such a willing participant in telling the Edwards’ (bogus) story, if she’d been a Republican?
Mickey Kaus