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Anthony Weiner makes excellent analogy that doesn’t really work at all

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As you watch the following, keep in mind that this man says he’s the victim of a crime:

“Y’know, look, I, I, I’m not gonna talk about this anymore. Y’know, I think that if I was giving a speech to 45,000 people and somebody stood up and heckled in the back, I wouldn’t spend three days talking to him.”

That would make sense if the heckler made everybody think he was Rep. Weiner. While exposing his erection to a young woman. And of course, in this scenario, with a crowd that size, the culprit could be identified immediately and punished appropriately. There would be no question whatsoever that Rep. Weiner might’ve been the one responsible.

Other than that, though, great analogy.

Not to cast aspersions, but Rep. Weiner isn’t really acting like somebody who’s the victim of a crime, as he initially claimed. Try to imagine if somebody did something like this to you. Posted borderline-pornography using your online identity. Wouldn’t you be angry at that person? Wouldn’t you want him identified and punished? Wouldn’t you want to clear your name and remove all doubt of your innocence? Wouldn’t you want to make sure your attacker wasn’t allowed to do it to anybody else?

The sooner we know who really did this, Rep. Weiner, the sooner you can get back to the work you keep telling us is so important to you.

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Stay tuned to find out whether Rep. Weiner apologizes to the reporter he called a jackass, or just repeatedly insists his previous statement answers that.