Palin’s bus tour causes media bickering on Twitter

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Sarah Palin’s efforts to confuse the media about her bus tour seems to have worked; she’s turning them against each other.

“I want them [the mainstream media] have to do a little bit of work on a tour like this,” Palin told CNN.  This morning, she fooled some of them, leaving her bus behind as a decoy. Reporters have resorted to chasing her bus. All of this confusion seems to have gotten to the press who, understandably, are trying to get the story and do their jobs.

Now, some of the media frustration is playing out on Twitter.

Some journalists believe Palin is behaving like a celebrity, and that covering her may be beneath them. For example, The Atlantic’s Garance Franke-Ruta Tweeted: “reality TV star Palin treating pol reporters like paparazzi — needing & hating, inviting & making chase.” Politico’s Ben Smith Re-Tweeted her — and Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post agreed, responding: “seriously, why dont media outlets have entertainment reporters cover her instead of polit. press?”

This was a bit too much for CNN’s Peter Hamby — who is hot on Palin’s trail. Hamby responded to both Franke-Ruta and Smith, Tweeting: “Believe it or not we’re asking serious questions. (And, btw, politico has a reporter here too).”

Franke-Ruta responded, Tweeting: “Right, right — but that’s how you’re treating her, not how she’s treating you.”

Hamby next turned his sights on Rubin, Tweeting: “smart point, [Palin’s] not a national political figure in any way, after all.”

Matt K. Lewis