Schumer thinks Weiner’s innocent, but won’t comment on whether he supports investigation

Matthew Boyle | Investigative Reporter

Sen. Chuck Schumer said he doesn’t think his fellow New York Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner had anything to do with the picture of a man’s erect penis underneath gray boxer-briefs sent from Weiner’s official Twitter account Friday night.

“I don’t know the details,” Schumer said, according to the New York Daily News. “But I know him to be a person of integrity and I am virtually certain he had nothing to do with this.”

Schumer’s office did not, however, respond to The Daily Caller’s request as to whether he’d like an official investigation to learn all those details he doesn’t know.

The imbroglio heated up after Weiner and his spokesman, Dave Arnold, began publicly claiming the Congressman’s official verified Twitter account and Facebook accounts were “hacked,” which led to the lewd photo getting sent. Arnold has since told TheDC that Weiner has hired a lawyer to advise him on possible “civil or criminal actions.” Arnold has not answered TheDC’s requests into whether Weiner will be seeking an official investigation from law enforcement authorities as to who “hacked” his social media accounts and how they did it.

TheDC has also asked Arnold at least four times if the man pictured was Weiner. He has not answered.

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