Bristol Palin’s show to air in November, she’s not dating co-star

Laura Donovan Contributor
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David McKenzie, the executive producer of “Dancing With the Stars” finalist Bristol Palin’s new reality series, says the program will come out later this year.

“We’re still working out the format,” McKenzie told the New York Daily News, adding that the show is slated to be released in November. “What makes this great reality is that it’s not what you expect. This is not we’re going-to-fight-every-few seconds. This is three young people with a young child who share a lot in common — many of the same values that the Palin family shares. These are kids who want to do good things.”

The untitled show, which is centered on Palin, her toddler Tripp, and friends Kyle and Chris Massey, will air on the BIO Channel. Though McKenzie says rumors about Palin and Kyle Massey dating are untrue, he recognizes that gossip could draw attention to the new series.

“I can say unequivocally that the rumors are all false,” McKenzie said. “Anything else is a bald, dumb lie. However, it’s interesting publicity, and I hope everyone watches.”

Last month, Perez Hilton reported that former Alaska gov. Sarah Palin was “furious” about Kyle Massey and Bristol’s relationship, but McKenzie attests that the two are not an item. Regardless, he reiterated that the buzz could generate coverage and buzz on the show.

“I just think it sounds good in print that they’ve got something going romantically,” McKenzie said.