Jason Alexander praises Romney on Twitter, says candidate may ‘prod Obama a bit’

Paul Conner Executive Editor

George is pretty impressed!

Mitt Romney caught the attention at least one person with his speech announcing his presidential candidacy — Jason Alexander.

The Seinfeld alum who played the much-loved, much-despised George Costanza for nine seasons tweeted his interest in the former Massachusetts governor.

“I’m a pretty die hard Dem. But I will follow Romney campaign,” Alexander tweeted Thursday. “He seems a worthy guy.”

A few minutes later Alexander revised his statement.

“Didn’t say I’m voting for him, Steewie, just that he is the only serious thinker in the field to run,” he said. “Better conversation. And maybe prods Obama a bit.”

Apparently he got blasted for even considering the idea, because he took to Twitter a few minutes later to defend his comments.

“Good Lord, folks- I didn’t say Romney 4 Prez. But he is a serious candidate. U may not like all he does but he is not an asshole,” Alexander wrote. “He may lend some decent ideas to annational debate and can be respected for that as opposed to most other GOP hopefuls.”

“Fellow Libs- CHILL,” he tweeted. “We do not have all the answers. Start dissing the decent ones from their side and u become as hateful as they can be.”

Alexander’s Twitter feed is often humorous (even funnier if you imagine George Costanza saying them), but at times he remarks on current events.

Saying that he went to school in Boston, he urged followers to “do what you can” to help the victims of the Massachusetts tornadoes.

On a lighter note, he tweeted, “Report: Drug war has failed http://huff.to/iTKCga You’re probably too stoned to read this.”