Legalized cross dressing?

interns Contributor
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A California bill working its way through the state legislature providing more protection for transgender individuals in the workplace could allow for cross-dressing employees to wear whatever they want to work, despite workplace dress codes.

AB 887, which passed through the state’s Assembly on May 16, is causing a stir among critics who feel it’s raising the identity of a transgender individual to the same level as one’s ethnicity or gender.

“If you talk to the average (human resources) manager and ask if there would be any disturbances if a man came dressed as a woman one week and then as a man the next, I think the (HR) rep would say ‘yeah, this would be disruptive to the workplace,’ ” said Brad Daucus, a California attorney and president of the Pacific Justice Institute. “It will inherently cause customers to be uncomfortable and not want to do business.”

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