Plot Twist in Weinergate?

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Third Act Plot Twist? Andrew Breitbart, whose site launched Weinergate, now wants to know who mysterious anti-Weiner tweeter Dan Wolfe (@PatriotUSA76) is. From Breitbart’s twitter feed:

Is there a real ‘Dan Wolfe’ @PatriotUSA76 or has someone for months elaborately pretended to be? #Weinergate gets more confusing

Your article is based on a person who everyone has assumed to this point is real. But where is that proof!? @ezradulis

Do you know anyone who has talked to Dan Wolfe? @AmericanElephant 

What’s  Breitbart driving at? His colleague Stranahan gives some clues:

@PatriotUSA76 –a person that we actually know almost nothing about, by the way. For example, I don’t know for sure that their name is Dan Wolfe or even their gender.

Ace of Spades, who doesn’t think there is much mystery left to explain, says Stranahan has a theory “about  jilted ex-girlfriends seeking revenge.”  Cool! That would turn it from a bad episode of The Good Wife into a good episode of The Good Wife.  For now Breitbart seems to only want Wolfe to prove he is what he seems. …

Come out, come out wherever you are ‘Dan Wolfe’ @patriotUSA76! Stop hiding behind anonymity! Own up to your role & motivation.
Mickey Kaus