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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Tito Munoz calls for America to wake up

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SPECIAL LEADERS FEATURE: “Immigrant Voices on America”

First of an occasional series of interviews with new citizens.

PREVIEW: Interview with TITO MUNOZ, “Tito the Builder”

Tito Munoz came to this country from Colombia, and became a citizen in 2008. He owns a small construction company, and is running for a seat in the Virginia state assembly. Under the name “Tito the Builder,” Munoz has also become a well-known Tea Party activist, a Spanish-language radio show host, and the head of his own political action committee, TitoPAC.

At a time when political leaders in both parties tend to understand their constituents as discrete and predictable voting blocks aligned by race and ethnicity, Munoz is a reminder that the American political reality is more complex, and inspiring. The DC’s Ginni Thomas caught up with Munoz recently to talk about immigration, Hispanic voters and the Obama administration.

Tito’s call to Americans to wake up

“We could have money, but if we don’t have liberty, what good is money?”

Come back Monday to see the full interview with Tito “The Builder” Munoz.

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