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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Tito ‘The Builder’ Munoz

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SPECIAL LEADERS FEATURE: “Immigrant Voices on America”

Interview with Tito “The Builder” Munoz

Tito Munoz came to this country from Colombia, and became a citizen in 2008. He owns a small construction company, and is running for a seat in the Virginia State Assembly. Under the name “Tito the Builder,” Munoz has also become a well-known Tea Party activist, a Spanish-language radio show host, and the head of his own political action committee, TitoPAC.

At a time when political leaders in both parties tend to understand their constituents as discrete and predictable voting blocks aligned by race and ethnicity, Munoz is a reminder that the American political reality is more complex, and inspiring. TheDC’s Ginni Thomas caught up with Munoz recently to talk about immigration, Hispanic voters and the Obama administration.

Tito on the left’s harmful efforts to seduce Hispanics

“If you don’t adapt or take the knowledge of this country, you’ll be losing the value of the opportunities and freedoms that we possess. So, the left is always trying to separate the individuals and … marginalize them in communities for their own political purpose. It’s not for the purpose of really uniting into America or to making better Americans … but for political gain because that will be easier for them to manipulate when it comes to elections.”


What would Tito say to President Obama if he had an audience?

“I don’t see nothing wrong with America, I see a lot of wrongs with the government and politicians.”


On issues that resonate with Hispanics and legal immigrants

“The Democrats offer big government, who will control the people … and they offer handouts … Our country has become a welfare system country.”


Tito’s primer for politicians for distinguishing legal and illegal immigration

“We have to have a wider gate, … [and] stronger laws. Rewarding people, sometimes, that break the laws, is not a good system.”


An immigrant’s American story for 2011

“…Immigrants come to this country for two reasons, and the two reasons are liberty and opportunity.”


The erosion of family values in a welfare state

“They want to destroy the family and they want to separate us individuals; put us into groups … and we’ll be easy to manipulate. It’s a socialist system of controlling people. And I think we Americans, we know their game, and we’re going to fight them back because we know what they want to do and we know what we have to do to take our families back.”


Tito reacts to (1) the U.S. Navy’s May 18 announcement, in a bow to the left, to name one of their ships for civil rights activist, Cesar Chavez and (2) the left’s love of Che Guevara, an Argentine Marxist revolutionary.

“It’s like having a ship named after Fidel Castro, I mean for me that’s absurd, it’s ridiculous.”

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Tito’s assessment of the mainstream media

“I lost faith in those news because the presenters who give the news they have an agenda and the agenda … that is shaming America because there are people who are fighting for us to have the freedom of the press and they are betraying that freedom that some people are fighting for.


Tito’s call for Americans to wake up

“We could have money, but if we don’t have liberty, what good is money?”


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