Matt Drudge responsible for Ann Coulter’s ‘Demonic’ book cover

Alexa Williams Contributor
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Ann Coulter has Matthew Drudge to thank for the sleek aesthetics of her newest book, “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America,” released Tuesday.

Unlike her last six books, which feature a photograph of Coulter, “Demonic” boasts an all-black cover with the title in red and her name in white.

“I sent … a few choices of the cover to Drudge and we were way past deadline and I had sent him my computer copies of the book because I think he’ll like it and he just started hysterically calling me and all he wanted to tell me was ‘No! You need an all black cover. No picture of you on the cover.  Your name and the name of the book,’” Coulter said in an interview in The Daily Caller’s Washington office last Thursday. “And I said, I actually kind of like that.”

Typically, Coulter has been pictured on the cover because her publishers think they “can sell five percent more books because people have seen me on TV and say ‘Oh, I’ve seen her, here I think I’ll get this book,'” Coulter said.

But because her titles are “heavily laden with invective,” this has been a tricky decision in the past because it’s “always kind of weird having my smiling face slandered,” she said. And Demonic” was even trickier than normal.

Coulter wasn’t sure if her publishers would go for this departure from the norm regarding her covers. “But I made the argument and everybody loved it, so thank you Matt Drudge,” she said.

This isn’t the only time Drudge has been influential in the rollout of one of Coulter’s books. When Coulter’s seventh book, “Guilty: Liberal “Victims and Their Assault on America,” came out, Drudge, inadvertently, helped promote sales of the book when he posted the article, “Coulter banned for life from NBC.”

After Coulter was seemingly uninvited from NBC’s “Today Show” in 2009, she emailed Drudge and the resulting report on The Drudge Report caused her to be added to the “Today Show” line-up two days later, according to the conservative author.

At the end of the 2009 interview, Coulter said Matt Lauer told her that at the launch of her next book she would “be sitting in the chair right across from [him].” Coulter has not yet been invited on the “Today Show” for her “Demonic book tour.