Washington’s Twitter reaction to Weiner’s press conference

Paul Conner Executive Editor
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Twitter gives, and Twitter takes away.

The same social media tool that got Rep. Anthony Weiner into trouble also reflected Washington journalists and commentators’ reaction to the congressman’s press conference.

Here’s a roundup of Washington’s Twitter chatter as the presser went down:

(NBC News) @ShawnaT_DC
Shawna Thomas: SO I can’t help but go to the code of official conduct in the 112th Congress House Rules on page 38. http://bit.ly/jtC2Jy

(Washington Times) @EmilyMiller
Emily Miller: I just can’t get over that #Weiner looked me (and other reporters) in the eye last week and said “I did not send that photo.”

(Washington Post) @ezraklein
Ezra Klein: Previously, Anthony Weiner was known for making floor speeches interesting. Now he’s showing how to make a presser about sex uninteresting.

(ABC News) @TerryMoran
Terry Moran: #Weiner He’s done plenty wrong. But this is also the nationalization of intimacy–and that is sick. And there is no end in sight.

(Republican National Committee) @seanspicer
Sean Spicer: this is combo Bill Clinton / Jim McGreevy speech wrapped a PR disater

(Fox News) @annieg917
Annie Goodman: this may be my favorite live control room presser during my 8 years of covering news #weinergate

(MSNBC) @LukeRussert
Luke Russert: The big issue is if #Weiner used his govt issued comp or bberry for any of this. If he did, 1 has to think House Ethics Comt can investigate

(MSNBC) @chucktodd
Chuck Todd: Will have to censor at my house too 2night RT
@stephenfhayes: Can’t listen to the congressman’s press conference. In
the car with my child.

Chuck Todd: This may get into the top 5 odd/weird political press conferences of all time.

(New Yorker) @RyanLizza
Ryan Lizza: Attention, 2012 presidential candidates: now would be a really good time to put out any bad news.

(Wall Street Journal) @DaviSusan
Susan Davis: If I could be a fly on a wall today, it would be for the conversation between Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton.

(Fox Business) @CGasparino
Charles Gasparino: not sure what’s more excruciating: watching blankfein explain GS trades before Congress, or Weiner explain twitter shots of his u-know-what

(National Journal) @HotlineReid
Reid Wilson: Lessons in crisis comms: In today’s #HotlineSort, I saw a grand total of ONE Chris Christie clip. Tomorrow, I’ll see 1,000 Weiner clips.

Ann Coulter: This is like the OJ trial – I CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF IT!
Ann Coulter: I want Mark Foley re-instated.

S.E. Cupp: I guess if you act like a dick, your wiener will come back to bite you in the ass. If that makes sense.