Bachmann vs. Palin feud hits Twitter

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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A few weeks ago, I pointed out that a prominent Sarah Palin blogger had turned on Michele Bachmann. On Fox News Sunday this week, Palin pointed out that she, unlike Bachmann, had executive experience (though added that Bachmann had strengths, too). The feud was taken to a new level, however, when Bachmann’s new “celebrity” campaign manager, Ed Rollins referred to Palin as “not serious.”

This was too much for Palin supporter and talk radio host, Tammy Bruce who took to her Twitter feed. Bruce, who also appears in the new film about Palin, “The Undefeated,” Tweeted: “Palinistas, u know my theory Bachmann is a Stalking Horse/patsy for establishment, mission is to divide & distract, don’t fall for it”


Bruce also Tweeted: “I’m told Rollins, aka ‘Bachmann guy’ spent entire intv bashing Palin, not discussing where his candidate stands on issues. Weird.”

It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Earlier today, prominent conservative blogger Michele Malkin lamented the feud, Tweeting: “I hate to see Bachmann and Palin camps going at each other. Hate it.”


No good deed goes unpunished. Malkin must have received some push-back from Palin supporters, because she later Tweeted: “Pro-Palin friends, why are you picking a fight with ME? ‘Camp’ is a general term. Quit it w/the ‘they started it’ crap.”