Glenn Beck to charge $5 monthly fee for new online show

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Television host Glenn Beck will require viewers to pay for his new online program, according to the New York Times.

Beck, who is transitioning off his Fox News show, will launch a live streaming video network called GBTV in September that will include his new daily two-hour show. Subscribers will be charged $4.95 a month or $9.95 for the GBTV Plus package, which includes all the network programs.

“I think we might be a little early,” Beck said of arrangements for his new Internet network. “But I’d rather be ahead of the pack than part of it.”

Beck likened himself to “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, who tends to make jabs at conservatives.

“If you’re a fan of Jon Stewart, you’re going to find something on GBTV that you’re going to enjoy,” Beck said.

Faithful viewers of the action show “24” might even like Beck’s show, says the radio host.

“If you’re a fan of ‘24,’ you’re going to find something on GBTV that you’re going to enjoy,” Beck said.

Beck is exiting Fox at the end of this month after two and a half years of consistently clashing with management, the Times reported.

Soon after Beck announced he’s be saying farewell to Fox, he told viewers he’d joined the network with a clear vision, which he seemed to say turned out to be naive.

“When I first came here, I had this pie-in-the-sky belief that if I told you the truth, if I verified all of my facts and double-checked, and we could make that compelling case with facts to back it up, the journalists in other places would get curious and they’d use their resources and they’d investigate and they’d prove it right and they’d show it too,” Beck said, shaking his head and laughing.

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