Mitt Romney releases second campaign video

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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The candidate who just looks so classically presidential has released a video that also looks classically presidential.

And now that it’s official, Mitt Romney can also join the ranks of other 2012 presidential contenders in releasing reworked videos of previous speeches. The former Massachusetts governor recently unveiled his second campaign video, which builds on the Republican candidate’s announcement theme of “I Believe in America.”

Replete with shots of the Statue of Liberty, references to Ellis island, rhetoric about the United States’ Horatio Alger-like possibilities and, yes, even a vintage mustang convertible, the video — titled “In America: Anything is Possible” — is about as classic a presidential campaign video as it gets.

Accompanied by soaring music, the video prominently features Romney’s announcement speech late last week in the classic battle ground state of New Hampshire, which came after it was already generally assumed the 2008 candidate would take a second pass at the nomination.

“I’m Mitt Romney,” said the man who has been in the national spotlight for the past few years, “I believe in America, and I’m running for president.”

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