Naked therapist offers Anthony Weiner her services

Laura Donovan Contributor
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When New York Rep. Anthony Weiner confessed Monday to posting a picture of his erect penis on Twitter, he said he wouldn’t rule out seeking professional help to sort through his personal issues.

Considering his alleged tendency to take dirty photos of himself and send obscene messages to strangers, perhaps he’ll take naked therapist Sarah White up on her offer to counsel him in the nude. According to White’s website, she’s willing to give the congressman “one free Naked Therapy session to help him begin addressing his problems. As Ms. White told Mr. Weiner, the methods of Naked Therapy are particularly suited to help him overcome what she calls ‘the uncontrollable acts of arousal frenzy.'”

White, a 24-year-old psychology fiend, conducts therapy sessions sans attire in Weiner’s home state. Though the first time around gets off to a slow start, White gradually removes articles of clothing throughout her client’s visit.

“For men especially, who are less likely than women to go to therapy, it is more interesting, more enticing, more exciting,” White told the New York Daily News earlier this year. “It’s a more inspiring approach to therapy.”

White attests that Weiner, who allegedly sent explicit messages to several young females while married to Huma Abedin, will respond well to her methods.

“What will help Anthony Weiner, Ms. White asserts, is to enter Naked Therapy and begin addressing and exploring his arousal brain in a safe context that will help him gain control over the choices it is compelling him to make against his better judgment,” the website reads. “Had Mr. Weiner engaged his mind ‘in a state of arousal’ in the non-judgmental context of Naked Therapy, ‘he would have been far less likely to let it overtake him and lead him down the road of self-destruction.'”

So what would White and Weiner do if he were to stop by for a sit-down?

“[T]he two would conduct therapy together that would involve many of the same techniques as traditional therapy, but the sessions would also involve Ms. White helping Mr. Weiner discuss his experiences while in a state of arousal so that he can begin to gain insight into the thoughts, feelings and choices he has under the influence of his arousal brain,” reads the webpage.

With that, White is convinced that Weiner committed potential infidelity because he couldn’t manage his arousal brain. She might have a solution to his eyebrow-raising tendencies, and perhaps she can guide him on his quest for self-control.

“Mr. Weiner was the youngest member ever of the NY City Council,” White said. “He was a successful and respected US Representative. He is married to an aide of Hillary Clinton. Politics, Washington, public service are his life. So how could he go and do something so stupid and self-destructive? The answer is simple: he acted under the uncontrollable influences of his arousal brain, which, because he had never engaged or discussed it in a safe setting, overtook him and ruined his life. Naked Therapy and its unique approach to the arousal brain can help him and many other men learn to act responsibly when aroused.”

Weiner did not respond to White’s offering.

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