Strong and Pappas on 21st century journalism

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Troublemakers. Muckrakers.  To say that members of the media have a bad reputation would be an understatement. Despite writing for a center-right/libertarian-leaning outlet, Daily Caller reporters Jonathan Strong and Alex Pappas are used to dealing with this reputation — and they have learned to ignore it. We recently discussed this topic — and more — on my podcast.

Through working as political reporters, Strong and Pappas have grown accustomed to the negative feedback. “One thing you find is that the critics who are angry with you one day for one story will love you the next day,” Strong said.  “You kind of realize after awhile that it doesn’t really have anything to do with you.”

But these two reporters have learned to look past all of the unfounded criticism, especially the allegations they have faced about perceived agendas. “You’re just focused on the substance on what you’re writing about and what’s true,” Strong said.

And telling the story is the part of the job that they find most exciting. “It is addicting,” said Pappas. “Breaking news is fun.”

When it comes to the addictiveness of breaking news, the bigger the story, the better the rush.  “I know it’s a big story when, the night before it runs, I have trouble sleeping,” said Strong.

Check out our full conversation here (note: we taped this late last week, so any references to Weiner are obviously out-of-date). Or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Matt K. Lewis