Anthony Weiner-inspired condoms on sale

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Two years ago, Benjamin Sherman gave New York Representative Anthony Weiner a pack of Obama Condoms.

Sherman, founder of Practice Safe Policy, manufactured the rubbers to have fun and “keep politicians and public figures responsible.” He showed the product to Weiner during the Congressman’s visit to Riverdale.

“I actually handed him the Obama Condoms, and he laughed, he thought they were hilarious,” Sherman told The Daily Caller.

Before long, Weiner’s face would appear on the company’s new box of condoms.

Two days after Weiner confessed to publishing a Twitter photograph of his erect penis, Practice Safe Policy launched Weiner Condoms, which, according to the business’s site, is “sure to last longer than [Weiner’s] marriage.”

“We said [on Tuesday] this is going to be out of control, he may be done by the end of the week, and let’s just put this up and see what happens, “Sherman told TheDC, adding that Practice Safe Policy worked quickly to put out the new condoms.

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Weiner Condoms, which were released before the New York Times reported that Weiner’s wife is allegedly expecting a child, could have helped the Democratic politician prevent pregnancy.

“Apparently he didn’t use a Weiner Condom because they weren’t available,” Sherman said with a laugh.

Though some feel the #Weinergate scandal is bound to die down, Sherman said news outlets will likely continue to cover the debacle.

“It’s amazing…I think what you’re going to see over the next couple of days will just be a lot of different media outlets reporting different stories, whether it’s that the wife gets pregnant or Opie and Anthony released a triple-X shot of his junk, and it’s unfortunate that this is happening to a good politician,” Sherman said.

Sherman, who also made Oil Spill, Palin, McCain, and Obama Condoms, said hundreds of packages of Weiner Condoms have already been sold.

“I do think there’s an opportunity for this to widen and get a lot larger over the next week or so,” Sherman said of the Weiner Condoms, which cost $4.95 a box. “We did a limited run, so as soon as we’re sold out we’re down, this is truly one of our most collectible items to date.”

The Weiner Condoms website advises users to protect their own wieners as well as their tweets, as Weiner came under fire for what he posted on Twitter. Sherman said he’s out to deliver a positive message to customers.

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“It’s more important than ever that our politicians and political figures think twice about what they say, and that’s really what we’re trying to instill with the Weiner Condoms,” Sherman told TheDC.

Though Practice Safe Policy has reached out to Weiner’s office, the business hasn’t heard back.

“I’m pretty sure he’s in lock down about what he’s going to do,” Sherman said. “I find it interesting that news broke that his wife is pregnant today and Opie and Anthony had the triple-X shot, so who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

Weiner Condoms, which are “100 percent approved for use,” have sold well since hitting the market on Wednesday, but Sherman isn’t so sure they’ll beat Obama Condoms.

“I don’t really see Weiner Condoms eclipsing Obama since Obama has about another year and a half, perhaps another five and a half years left in office, so I don’t know what’s going to happen to Weiner yet,” Sherman said.

Sherman doesn’t know if the Congressman is aware of Weiner Condoms, but perhaps the politico remembers Obama Condoms.

“I wonder if he’ll actually see this product and remember, ‘Oh my God, I met the guy that created these and I shouldn’t have done this because now there’s a condom with my face on it,'” Sherman said.

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