Conservative site launches for Hispanic audience

Amanda Carey Contributor
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Shark Tank blogger Javier Manjarres launched a conservative-leaning news site in Florida Thursday that specifically targets the Latino community.

The idea behind Hispolitica, Manjarres told The Daily Caller, is that Hispanics are inherently conservative. “I saw the discourse about Hispanic culture being distorted by the left; people saying ‘hey, Hispanics have to vote a certain way,’” he said.

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“There’s a message out there that Hispanics are getting from left-leaning media that Republicans are racist and that the party is worse for Hispanics,” Manjarres added. “That’s what prompted me to do the site.”

Another motivation for launching the site, he said, came from statements like this one from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid during the 2010 election cycle: “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.”

The new site was launched at a particularly opportune time – when presidential campaigns are just starting to get into full swing for the 2012 cycle. Like in the past, Florida is also expected to be a heavily fought-over primary and presidential swing state.

Hispolitica’s intended audience is the Latino community in the broadest sense. The site will emphasize video content, with about a 70-30 ratio of video to written pieces. “Video is where it’s at,” said Manjarres. “People want to see the politicians say something. So that’s the direction we’re going.”

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