DNC releases another video attacking Romney on bailout position

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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The Democratic National Committee has a game plan and it’s sticking to it: run over Mitt Romney, reverse, and do it again.

In yet another video, the DNC attacks the 2012 Republican frontrunner for his statements objecting to the government bailouts of the auto industry.

(American Crossroads launches satirical ‘Debbie Downer’ ad against DNC chairwoman)

The former Massachusetts governor has been the subject of numerous drive-bys from Democrats ever since his New York Times Op-ed “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” which sounds particularly cold when repeated over and over — as it is in the newest video.


As a video produced by DNCs “RapidDemReponse” team who are looking ahead to the actual 2012 race and seem to expect Romney to be the main competition.

A recent Fox News poll has Romney at the top of the Republican pile with 23 percent, ahead of  his closest competition, the non-candidate Rudy Giuliani, by 10 points. In a race against Obama, Romney also fares best, down just six points from the president, according to an average compiled by Real Clear Politics. Though still early in the season, runner-up Tim Pawlenty loses to Obama by about 14 points.

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