Breitbart not offended by Alec Baldwin calling him ‘D-Bag-In-Chief’

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart has been blasted by many since breaking the story of New York Rep. Anthony Weiner’s erect Twitter picture nearly two weeks ago, but wasn’t offended when Hollywood funnyman Alec Baldwin insulted him via Twitter on Thursday.

Baldwin, a long-time Huffington Post contributor, wrote a column on Thursday titled, “Anthony Weiner Is a Modern Human Being” and went on to slam his critics on Twitter, “A lot, a real lot, of sanctimonious d-bags on HuffPo.” The New York Democrat, who many speculate will run for office next year, knocked Breitbart in a follow-up tweet, “…Andrew Breitbart is the D-Bag-In-Chief.”

In a phone interview with The Daily Caller, Breitbart said he was not hurt by Baldwin’s put-down.

“He’s a comedic savant,” Breitbart told TheDC of the actor. “He is perfect in the realm of comedic acting yet he falls short in all other human endeavors.”

(Alec Baldwin to run for NYC mayor in Weinergate aftermath?)

Though Breitbart didn’t take Baldwin’s jab personally, the right-wing powerhouse expected more of the Emmy Award winner.

“I expect more from him, it’s sort of a bleh insult,” Breitbart said. “I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have a room of ’30 Rock’ writers working for you.”

Breitbart, who dubbed Baldwin a “brilliant comedic actor,” claims to have crossed paths with the “It’s Complicated” star before.

“I’ve had one interhuman experience with him where he blatantly lied about it so I know he’s not a truthful being,” Breitbart said.

Later on Thursday, Baldwin tweeted at @AndrewBreitfart, a fake Twitter account for the BigGovernment.com founder.

“@AndrewBreitfart …I can hear you whimpering,” Baldwin wrote.

Breitbart, the man behind Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, Big Government, and several other news sites, spoke at a New York press conference Monday right before Weiner took over the podium and tearfully confessed to posting a lewd photo of himself on Twitter.

Baldwin did not respond to requests for comment.

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