Looking back: Funniest debate moments

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With the Republican candidates’ debate just hours away, we can’t help but recall some pretty defining moments in debate history. Do you remember Hillary Clinton having to answer to her ‘likability’ in the 2008 New Hampshire debate? What about Alex Sink checking her iPhone when she ran for governor of Florida? TheDC has taken a look back at some of the most memorable gaffes during debates.

Cheney forgets to check his facts
Vice President Dick Cheney attempted to direct viewers to www.factcheck.org in an effort to persuade voters, but instead his instructions sent viewers to www.factcheck.com, a website purely devoted to reasons NOT to re-elect George W. Bush.

Al Gore’s intimidation factor
Like the NBA finals, presidential debates can get heated. It should come as no surprise that presidential candidates resort to the same intimidation tactics as NBA players. Reminiscent of the Game 6 scuffle between DeShawn Stevenson and Udonis Haslem, Gore attempts to force an answer out of Bush regarding his opinion of he Dingle-Norwood bill in the 2000 presidential debate.

Stockdale ponders the meaning of life
In 1992, Adm. James Stockdale gave one the most puzzling introductions in presidential debate history. Although his “Who am I? Why am I here?” questions were probably hypothetical, we can’t but help but laugh at the old, confused man.

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important presidential debate
Maybe he was in a hurry. Or maybe he just had to go to the bathroom. Either way, George H. W. Bush was not afraid to express his disinterest in this 1992 presidential debate, where he not-so-subtly got up and checked his watch while an audience member was asking a question about the national debt.

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