Drunk wannabe knight rams into woman’s house in failed attempt at wooing

Laura Donovan Contributor
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A knight in shining armor isn’t always the key to a woman’s heart. Case in point: Jan Rudnicki, a 40-year-old Polish man who hopped onto a horse and plowed into a female’s house in hopes of sweeping her off her feet.

According to the Croatian Times, a drunk and shirtless Rudnicki jumped on the equine, who galloped right through Gosia Domoslawska’s front door.

As we all know, these sort of advances aren’t well received in instances of unrequited love, so an uninterested Domoslawska called authorities after Rudnicki stormed through her place. The faux savior could spend up to five years in jail for aggravated breaking and entry.

Domoslawska was sitting in front of her television when Rudnicki allegedly barged into her home uninvited.

“He’s a loon,” Domoslawska told the publication. “I never fancied him before and I certainly don’t now. If this was supposed to win my heart he must be seriously off his rocker.”

Rudnicki’s buddy Mirek Nowak said he didn’t think his friend would actually follow through with horsing around.

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“At first we thought Jan was joking,” Nowak told the Daily Mail. “But then he went outside, climbed onto this horse — which he’d ridden to the pub — and set off bare-breasted and bare-backed. The next thing we knew, he’d been arrested.”

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