Gary Johnson responds to questions from a debate he wasn’t invited to

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Gary Johnson can’t get no respect, but at least he has a YouTube channel.

Despite being a former governor and having already officially declared his candidacy, Johnson wasn’t allowed to join the other 2012 Republican presidential hopefuls during CNN’s debate on Monday night.

No matter.

Today, Johnson posted his own responses to the debate questions. Since he wasn’t welcome at the actual event, Johnson — understandably — takes his sweet time providing answers to his YouTube audience. The video clocks in at about 40 minutes.

Between clips of the debate questions from both CNN host John King and the audience, Johnson gives his own answers, all of which sound more presidential than most of Herman Cain’s commentary on foreign policy and Muslims.

The splicing is a little off, though, and the editing may be unintentionally funny. For instance, where before audience members or the CNN team specifically address one of the candidates, someone has edited in “Gary Johnson” like a poorly-overdubbed 1970s Samurai movie.

(EXCLUDED: Johnson: I’ve earned a slot there)

Questions virtual Johnson answered included:

• “How can you convince me and assure me you’ll bring a [Republican] balance and you won’t be torn to one side or another from any faction within the party?”

• “What standards do you have, if any, for government assistance to private enterprise.”

• Success/failure of the bailout program?

• What role should the government have in future space exploration?


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