Texas Gov. Perry confirms presidential considerations

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry is seriously considering a run for President.

During a Tuesday appearance on Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Perry said that six weeks ago the idea of running for president was hardly on his mind.

“I am certainly giving it the appropriate thought process. Six weeks ago this was not on my radar screen. I love being the governor of Texas and we’ve done a fabulous job I think in that state from the stand point of working with our legislature, our lieutenant governor, and out speaker.”

According to Perry what changed his mind was speaking with those close to him, especially his wife.

“It was a number of conversations that were had with people I trust including my wife. Who basically said listen our country’s in trouble. You need to give this a second thought. ”

While he may be taking a look at the prospect of a run, Perry told Cavuto that he opted to watch the Texas A&M versus Florida State baseball game instead of CNN’s New Hampshire Republican primary debate Monday night.

“I know what happens in debates and I’ve been in my fair share of debates so I don’t think there was any new ground plowed there,” he said.

Perry would not give Cavuto a definitive answer as to when he would decide, just that he is seriously thinking about the implications.

“[I am thinking about] the cost both physically, mentally and what this does to me, my family, and what have ya,” he said. “We’ll go through that, give it the appropriate thought. We have some time.”

Dave Carney, one of the staffers who left the Newt Gingrich campaign in last week’s infamous mass exodus, has been running ads about Texas’ prosperity in New Hampshire. When presented with the commercials, Perry told Cavuto that he did not know about them, but that it was a good message for the rest of the country.

“We like to brag about what is going on in Texas, we like to talk about how does your state match up against the state of Texas when it comes to things like taxes, regulations, litigation, so hopefully in New Hampshire they get the message.”

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