New Mexico senatorial candidate off to a good start

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Greg Sowards is running in 2012 for New Mexico’s open Senate seat on traditional, Tea Party-esque conservative values: “No illegal immigrants, no raising the debt ceiling, no Wall Street bailouts.”

And while National Journal dubbed him “New Mexico’s GOP Sleeper Senate Canddate [sic]” there’s nothing yet to indicate that Sowards is a different kind of politician … save for his amazing personal slogan:

The approach is refreshing and perhaps Sowards is going for the Hunter S. Thompson approach. Thompson shaved his head during a 1970 campaign for Aspen Sheriff on the “Freak Ticket,” so he could refer to the Republican incumbent as “My long-haired opponent.”

Soward’s new 30-second ad will appear on statewide cable stations “for at least the next four weeks,” according to the campaign. The “businessman” is up against “career politicians” like opponents former Rep. Heather Wilson and Lt. Gov. John Sanchez.


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