Turn Right USA’s offensive attack ad against California Democrat Janice Hahn

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Dear God.

The most offensive political video ad since it was revealed that Johnson’s “Daisy” spot was actually created by radical antisemitic environmentalists has just hit the Internet.

This new video is titled “Give us your cash, B–ch!” And it only gets worse from there.

Apparently, Janice Hahn — a Los Angeles councilwoman running as the Democratic congressional candidate in a July 12 California special election — is not well liked by some. The voice-over explains that Hahn “helped [gang members] get out of jail so they could rape and kill again … ” It then launches into the most racist (though some question this), fear-mongering, sexist sing-a-long the political world may ever see, before it all ends in 2012.

Who’s behind this horribly hilarious video that also features a stripper wearing a cut-out Hahn mask? That would be Turn Right USA, a conservative PAC dedicated to fighting the evil George Soros in all his forms. It’s director is”conservative filmmaker” Ladd Ehlinger, whose last masterpieces were the slightly tamer but nonetheless entertaining ads for failed agricultural commissioner candidate Dale Peterson.

Hahn’s actual Republican opponent, Craig Huey had absolutely nothing to do with the video because even George Wallace wouldn’t have had anything to do with the video. [UPDATE: Because Huey has nothing to do with the ad, the perpetually angry liberal women at EMILY’S List, according to a fresh press release, want him to denounce the ad; which is like saying to someone: StupidSaysWhat. “And every hour that passes without Craig Huey condemning this ad and requesting it be taken down is an hour in which voters see what Craig Huey really stands for,” reads the release.]


On his website, Ehlinger has this to say:

Before you charge racism at the ad, consider her one line in the video: “It takes a different kind of person to speak the language.” By that she means, it takes black people to talk to black people. It takes gang members to talk to gang members. They have their own language, we should coddle them. They’re not responsible for their actions if they murder someone, rape someone. They’re a minority.

Ehlinger goes on to say that “All of that’s bunk.” Yes. It certainly is.

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