Bethesda Lululemon to reopen for first time after employee slaying

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Lululemon Athletica of Bethesda, Md., will reopen later this month for the first time since the March killing of employee Jayna Murray.

“It is with warm and grateful hearts that we are announcing the re-opening of our newly renovated Bethesda store on Friday, June 24,” says the yoga clothing shop’s Facebook page. “The re-opening will embrace the theme of ‘love’ in honor of Jayna Murray.”

Earlier this year, 30-year-old Jayna Murray was found dead inside the Maryland store. Her co-worker Brittany Norwood, who was found tied up in the shop the same day, claimed two men came into the store and sexually assaulted her and Murray. Norwood initially appeared to be a survivor, but upon further investigation, police officials dubbed the 27-year-old woman a suspect in Murray’s murder.

Montgomery County police chief Thomas Manger said Norwood claimed to have re-entered Lululemon with Murray on a Friday night. It was then, Norwood argued, that she and Murray were attacked by masked males. Police officials said it’s likely that Norwood chose to end Murray’s life after a disagreement. In March, Norwood was charged with first-degree murder.

Despite Murray’s tragic death, the Bethesda location of Lululemon aims to move forward and maintain its image as a peaceful purveyor of yoga wear.

“More than ever, we remain committed to the people of Bethesda and look forward to continuing to share with this community the same love, passion and grace with which Jayna lived her life,” says the Facebook page, which also promotes the message, “Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.”

Laura Donovan